What is going on with niantic reviewers?

Last week i saw that one of my nomonations is in the niantic review.

today i got a rejection


yes i know i can make an appeal on wayfarer but i realy wanne understand how the niantic reviewer can be so wrong and reject it as a Business? its not mismatched location because the location can easy get found due to the surrounding photo. i also added the link to the trail in the extra information at the bottum. so please can someone tell me how even the niantic reviewers can be so wrong?


My footbridge is also a “Generic Business”


The rejection reasons shown are do not correspond correctly to the reasons selected internally. We are aware of it and our team is looking actively into this issue. Having said that, I have reversed the decision on this nomination as a goodwill gesture.


Thank you


thank you. but i still wonder how niantic reviewer can rejected this with all the information i gave them :smiley: but since it is now activated everything is fine


just the op’s?

[I am going to take no response and no new email as confirmation you are not considering reversing mine and have resubmitted it.]


It I had seen that, I’m almost certain I’d have approved it. Those agreements lost to reviewers…


And it went into Niantic review again. Wonder if it will still be judged a “generic business”?

I rarely took this trail before these footbridges were installed, and I think most people can see how important these are for exercise and exploration.


My record with a wooden footbridge that’s part of a trail is 10 submissions. I believe others also submitted too. So more than 10

In the meantime someone had a sign (that isnt there) accepted there instead, so when my 3 year battle to get it accepted finally was won, it isnt visible in game anyway

So I conclude that reviewers hate footbridges and would prefer to approve a sign that isnt there instead of the actual bridge. :roll_eyes:

Have fun :grimacing: hope you have better luck than I did

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Reviewers here LOVE footbridges. I have rarely had one rejected in community review. They understand how essential these are to navigating the trails, which wouldn’t be possible without them.


Aww, good to know its not like this everywhere. I hope its approved soon!

Footbridges are great. I love standing on a bridge to look at the wildlife around, and they really help with trails, so great for exercise. I have no idea what people have against them.

@cyndiepooh perhaps your footbridge or all rejected footbridges have the problem, that the tooltip for safety says, that bridges over each kind of water, are dangerous

Which seems odd, because bridges are usually created to make things safer.

If the bridge is not accessible for pedestrian access, we can recognize the safety issue. But a footbridge makes walking on a trail safer and easier, and is also a distinct feature.


New wayfinder / reviewer would probably use the tooltips more often, even if they’re unsure.
They all want to make it correct, I hope

Reviewers also something put there only benefit gain by the POI. So if they don’t like hiking they most likely try to get it denied. Which is sad. Because the intended is make sure the rule of a POI is followed as reviewers. Not preference but that my take why POI like this get denied. They meet the criteria but denied because POI not there preference of the greater community.

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The neighborhood DOESN’T want to defend another portal suggested by the other side.

Therefore will shut it down so as to not have to deal with it. People know who’s submitting portals, or it’s in an area that no more portals folks want put, even when the system tries to make it as blind as possible as to who is suggesting a new portal.

JFC dude. Can you get out of this “the other side is the enemy of humanity” mindset?! Don’t you realize that not everything is about “portals, portals, portals”? Ingress is not the only game that Niantic has and Ingress players are not the only one who submit and review.
And even if it was purely Ingress players reviewing, there are just as many players on both side to approve or reject submissions.

Geez man. You’ve been drinking so much koolaid that your hate towards “the other side” is leaking out of my monitor.

And this thread is about NIANTIC reviewing submissions, not Ingress players.:person_facepalming:

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