Duplicate but not a duplicate?

So this is denied because theres a Car like it at another park across town.

It is already in the database. In the same cell as Falcon Baseball so won’t appear in Pogo but far enough away from that other one that it will show in Ingress.

The location of this submission was inaccurate. There is already a Wayspot connected to this object at the correct location.

So there’s no way to make it an actual stop? Or anything around it one? I’ve seen parks with 5 stops right next to each other so how would this be different, because it’s a gym?

My best advice is to nominate eligible things in their correct location.

There has been abuse in the past that have caused things to not follow density or proximity rules for the different Niantic games.

Other folks here can direct you to this information specific for Pokémon Go if you’d like to learn more!

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No, it has nothing to do with it being a gym. It is entirely based on the geometry of Level 17 S2 Cells.

Read this, it may help you understand things a bit better.


Aside what people have already said, for future nominations, you need to utilize your supporting information to explain how your nomination meets criteria and to address any concerns a reviewer may have while reviewing your nomination. As is, every single word you used is irrelevant. In the description, proper capitalization and punctuation is preferred.


Like Roli said, even though the prompt says to tell why the Pokestop nomination is important, that is poorly worded. You submit a Wayspot, that may or may not be used in Pokemon Go, depending on the S2 cells mentioned. Your supporting text should tell the reviewer how this meets criteria (exercise, exploration, or social), not why it would help the game you play. It should also include any extra information the reviewer may need to locate the thing you are nominating on the map, and possibly any links to prove what you said is true.

I see people here saying that you should add various pieces of information, which is great–When reviewing I’ve never seen a nomination with too much information in my opinion! I hope you can see it as people being helpful rather than scolding! I’m relatively new to this and I want to chip in that it might not be obvious to you when using the PoGo nomination process that you can use a much higher number of words for your supporting info if you edit a nomination later. So far I’ve only been doing things in my town, so I’m close enough (10KM) to start the nomination from my home using the photos I took at the site. When the nomination appears in my “contributions” tab, I put it on hold and select “edit” to add information to the supplemental using my laptop.

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