I nominated a notice board but it rejected for being a duplicate

I found one of my first nominations and I saw it got rejected for being a duplicate but there is no PokeStop in this park of this notice board so therefore it isn’t a duplicate. I never even received an email to say it got rejected.

It may be in a different game, but still in the Lightship database.

When nominating through Pokemon Go, when it shows the map with a pin to drop, it will have orange circles with other waypoints near by. Click on those to see what they are - you need to be roughly at the location for this though. I bet you’ll find the noticeboard is in there already, but didn’t fulfil the PoGo inclusion criteria (likely another stop already in the sane S2 cell).

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Thank you, i actually thought after posting this, it might be in the same s2 cell as another stop. Much appreciated

It already exists in the database, but it is in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as the Canaries on Railings Gym, meaning it can’t appear in Pokémon Go

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Ahhh understandable, thank you for clarifying this. Much appreciated