Movement of pokestop

I was approved for 2 pokestops, but only 1 showed up. I was told that the 2 locations were too close, therefore only the initial stop would be used. If possible, the second submission would be better for the reasons I submitted with the entry. I am hoping, if niantic cannot use both locations, they can remove the first submission and place the pokestop or gym at the location of the second submission.
Any suggestions where I can request this?

You can’t request which one appears in PoGo. The property owner can request that the Pokestop be removed if you want to contact them, but if they are that close together, it might affect both Wayspots.

FYI, Niantic is using both locations in the Lightship database. But I realize you meant use in Pokemon Go.

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How can you see they are both being used in another game? Also, is there no chance the 2nd location will ever be used in Pokémon go?

every accepted wayspot is added to niantic’s lightship database. from there, each game has its own rules to select which ones to include in its own map. so regardless of whether it has appeared in any specific game or not, we can confidently say it’s in the overall map.

if you go to make a nomination in pokemon go while you are at the site and have the toggle on, you will see an exclamation point for the other wayspot and can tap that to see it.

i can’t say that niantic will never change their algorithm that only allows one wayspot per level 17 S2 cell to show in pokemon go, but under the current rules, it will not, unless the other is moved or removed.

i want to be clear and say do not try to move something that is correctly placed for game reasons.

oh and i did not say they were being used in any other game, just that they are in Niantic’s database, called “Lightship.” you did not give the location so i didn’t even check in Ingress.

Thank you all so much for the feedback. I guess I’ll have to build a “little library” for my yard. :rofl:

if you put it in your yard it won’t be eligible. it will need to be in the common area for a community, or a park, or some place that is not an ineligible location.