Earle community basketball

This was approved weeks ago and the spot still has not showed up?
Congratulations, Niantic has decided that your nomination should be added as a Wayspot. Keep in mind that any changes based on this decision can take up to 48 hours to be reflected in Niantic products that will use this Wayspot.

Please check out the full details in your Contribution Management page. Note that not all available Wayspots are used across all Niantic games.

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Welcome @joeygirl75

Can you provide the location please so we can check.
Unfortunately the likely outcome is that it hasn’t met Pokemon Go selection criteria.

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You have successfully added it to the Niantic database but unfortunately it won’t appear in Pokémon Go because of the exclusion rules the game uses. The basketball court and Earle Dr are in the same cell.

You can learn about them here

S2 cells

To add to the above

The Earle Dr Dog spot wayspot is the selected pokestop/gym for that cell.


How could a portable (i.e., not permanently installed) basketball goal on a cul-de-sac get approved?

More importantly… how couldn’t it be removed?



Just came across another one that was nearby another review

Approved by niantic yesterday. It’s either not there (fake), in the street, or PRP. Can’t tell for sure.

@NianticAaron what is going on with these?

“Niantic has decided”… not “our team has decided”??