Edit needed for News & Announcements post about Outdoor Basketball Courts

This announcement needs an edit to show it no longer applies. I just answered a question from someone asking if we could now submit basketball courts at schools on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord. I was able to link the update, but I wonder how many people won’t ask. Wayfarer Criteria Update - Outdoor Basketball Courts


As you note, there was a change posted in Sept 2023, noting that outdoor basketball courts at K-12 schools were no longer eligible, whereas the post you quoted is from Dec 2022. Therefore, Niantic did update the criteria with the new post in Sept 2023, which is the correct one to point people with questions about outdoor sports courts at K-12 schools to.

Anyone can come on the forums and search for a certain topic. For the News section, Niantic made sure to post the original post date here in the new forums, so that if there are multiple News posts, they can see what is current and what is outdated.

So, Niantic already edited these posts to include the original post dates when moving them to the new forums. I really don’t see a need to do any additional editing, and it would be similar with AMAs.

As I said, someone did read the 2022 post without seeing the 2023 one. It needs to be clarified to stand alone that this policy has been revoked.

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