Update to Wayfarer Criteria regarding Outdoor Basketball Courts

Hello Explorers,

As you’re aware, the current Wayfarer criteria doesn’t allow Wayspots on K-12 school grounds. As part of our launch plan for NBA All-World, we will be making a limited exception to this policy to allow outdoor basketball courts on school grounds.

We’re excited to be expanding our global game board to include real-world basketball courts – it’s where players can go 1v1 and compete to become Ruler of the Court. Our goal is to have NBA All-World include as many courts as possible - both real-world and digital - because we think a diverse set of locations will enable the richest experience for our players. NBA All-World will feature real-world courts and also digital courts that we’ve designed based on other interesting real-world locations.

Note that outdoor courts are the only exception to this policy. Basketball courts inside a gymnasium or other school building will not be included.

Outdoor basketball courts on school grounds may be nominated, categorized, and will be reviewed internally by Niantic. While we will will do our best to review them all internally, if you happen to come across an outdoor basketball court on school grounds in your reviews, you can 1) review it as you would any other eligible Wayspot nomination or 2) skip it if you’re unsure how to review. If you’ve nominated an outdoor basketball court on school grounds in the past and they were rejected, you’re more than welcome to nominate those again and add the basketball category. Approved outdoor basketball courts on school ground Wayspots will only be added to the Map in NBA All-World.

(originally posted December 2022)

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