Edit suggestions not appearing in the Contributions Management page?

I’ve submitted several edits to waypoints (some approved, some rejected), but they’re not appearing in the Contributions Management page… should they appear there?

It would be nice to see all of the edits, alongside the nominations…


Niantic has claimed for years now that Edits would appear with our other Contributions, but they have not implemented this feature yet.

Welcome to Wayfarer. :laughing: :turtle:


This was supposed to be delevoped and “shipped” to us several years ago. Unfortunately, Niantic put the proverbial cart before the horse in that they updated the emails before shipping a live product, causing a lot of confusion.

It’s Niantic Soon™ :sweat_smile: so any day, now, right? Right?


Yeah, I submit more edits that new nominations, so it’s a little frustrating to rely solely on emails to track them.

Hang onto those edit emails, that’s my best advice, especially for the rejected ones. You can appeal edits via help chat, and they do ask for when you received the rejection email. More info can be found here:

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eye twitch Niantic says they’ll be there… someday.

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You know what happen when Niantic says soon™


any at all!

It’s a good thing they haven’t said “soon” all that recently or I might think it’s still at least 5 years away.


who hasn’t been saying soon?

When did Tintino last say soon?

It doesn’t count if I can’t read it or hear it.

I was expecting more along the lines of a Thib Reddit post.

I effectively have a spreadsheet that I use to track state of various edits.

It includes the deep link to the wayspot (for me, Ingress), that way I can click on it with either phone or desktop and get to the portal in the game or intel to check.

Columns for various edit types (title, description, location, image, removal, appeal) with dates done.

Similar for what the change is (or will be since I have a bunch queued up to go).

Links to images so I know when I can delete the original.

Links to the various emails in my web mail client.

And so on and so forth.