Edit Upgrades Investigation

Hello Explorers,

It appears that there are some issues with upgraded Edits. On May 2, 2024 the Ambassadors notified our team that some upgraded edits were not reaching a resolution as intended. Our team investigated and found an issue causing unexpected behavior in certain upgraded edits. We’re actively working to fix it, and we expect a resolution next week.

In the meantime, please hold off on applying further Upgrades to your Edits. We’ll provide a more precise timeline for the fix as soon as we have it.

Thank you for your patience as we look into the matter.

Safe Exploring!


Um, yeah, upgrades for Wayspot submissions haven’t been working, so no surprise here.


Will this affected have their upgrades returned?


Thank you for the follow-up and the confirmation, it is much appreciated.

Will the upgrades that people used on the edits be returned?


Damn, I’d upgraded my 3 year old edit as soon we we got visibility of edits :laughing:

I am having this same issue since May 1st, but upgrading Wayspot Submissions (9 Upgraded Wayspot Submissions still In Queue/In Voting status with no resolution), instead of upgrading Edits.

Can you do a research regarding both of the cases?


Similar to RiverDeathstarr, I am also experiencing this issue in relation to an upgrade used on a wayspot submission. It appears the issue is broader than only upgrades used for edits.

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I just started getting a large number of edits and photo submissions to review that are not from my review area. Seems like there has been some progress made.

Just to piggy back off of my last comment, 2 of my 3 upgraded photo submissions were accepted today.

Update: All 3 have now been approved!

@NianticTintino Is this working as it should now?

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I don’t think the bug in the upgrade used for the edit has been fully repaired yet; I have not yet received the results of the title edit to which I applied the upgrade on May 1. I also did a description edit on that Wayspot, but did not use the upgrade for the description edit.

I have now received the results of both the title and description edits for this Wayspot with approval.

My three edits I upgraded day 1 are all resolved as of yesterday. Is the issue fixed? May we use upgrades on edits again now? Waiting for an official post per:

If there is no official statement I would hold off on applying Upgrades until they publish it, just in case is not fixed yet.


Yep, that’s what I’m doing. They may want to get the queue down to a reasonable level, too, before making it official that we can upgrade edits again.

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Hello @admins, just wondering if there is an update for this issue, especially with the global challenge now being over.