Edits upgrade investigation

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I am having this same issue since May 1st, but upgrading Wayspot Submissions (9 Upgraded Wayspot Submissions still In Queue/In Voting status with no resolution), instead of upgrading Edits. Can you do a research regarding both of the cases?

When did you make the nominations, and did you upgrade straightaway

One is from April 6th, 5 are from April 20th, one from 22th, 26th and 27th, and were Upgraded on May 1st.

I don’t upgrade my Submissions straightaway because I know they can get AI-rejected, so I always wait at least 2 days before upgrading.

Sorry further question which are at in voting and which in queue?


Thank you for adressing this issue :slight_smile:

I upgraded 3 photo submissions that were in voting on April 30th when the edits were added. There were all submitted back in July 2023.

I have also not received a single upgraded edit while reviewing; all edits are coming from my home and bonus areas, with most being photo submissions.

I, too, have a Wayspot submission from April 24th that I upgraded the next day that hasn’t gotten a decision on, nor has it gone into voting. I usually wait until a day later before upgrading new submissions, just to make sure they get past the AI/ML. I used to be getting decisions on upgraded nominations in less than a week, but as others have noted not only here, but in the old forums, something seems off with the upgraded submissions in general, even before the edits went live in Contribution Management.

IDK, I feel as if there’s some kind of issue going on with upgrades, and the upgrade queues might be getting backed up.

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