Edits - Agreements - Upgrades

Niantic Wayfarer says “Note: Reviews of Wayspot Edits are not counted as Agreements at this time.”

So WILL WE BE AWARDED MORE UPGRADES FOR THIS CHALLENGE than we have for other challenges - to make up for 100 agreements NOT naturally making an upgrade?

Or, if by off-chance the official help page is incorrect - could it be corrected for the challenge, so everyone can know officially?

(I’ll do the challenge either way, but it would be good business to address this up front.)


I’d maybe post this in the challenge discussion thread:

They haven’t announced awards yet, even though it starts in just a little over an hour, but that has been where others have been wondering about the rewards this time around.

Thanks, but it’s been a general question ever since we started reviewing edits, what, 6-8 years ago. The challenge has given it another angle of confusion. But even people not participating in the challenge would want to know.

Plus, the challenge thread already has 82 replies and IMO things get lost if mentioned that deep.