Email Filters for

Do you use email filters on your Wayfarer notice emails? What setup?

My gmail filters apply labels/tags that REALLY help. Especially by telling me if it’s yes/no or community/AI - without even having to open it.

I use these 3 categories, with subcategories
STAT: Sub, Yes, No
TYPE: Edit, Mission, Nom, Photo, Report, Route, VPS
WHAT: Appeal, Desc, Loc, Title, Nia (by “Nia”, I mean AI)

For example,

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No, I don’t, because they aren’t offered by my provider. I can search emails, and that does allow me to find emails for a certain submission or edit once I’ve received a decision.

I most likely would be able to set up filters in my email app on my phone, but I’m too lazy to do that.

i’ve got mine fully filtered by type (for now)
the “receipt” email goes into the higher level label for each, and then the outcome emails go into the appropriate sub label.

the filters check the sender and then filter on email body text

I don’t but I keep meaning to set something like @tehstone shows up. I really should.

It’s really pretty quick if you only need to handle the current emails (going through every historic variation took longer but still not too bad) and it’s well worth it. i also have push notifications enabled for the the Accepted labels under new noms, edits, and photos. Only good news in my notifications, the rest can wait til i check my email.


Ahh… I forgot all about mine. Only now that you mention it do I realise I can get rid of it too.

I only had one basic filter - for submission of Edits - so I could check how many years I’d been waiting… :sweat_smile: Now that they’re finally in the Contributions, I guess I don’t need that anymore! :partying_face:

I have edits and nominations categories, with received, accepted, and rejected as subcategories.
I have an appealed subcat for nominations, I’ll probably add that to edits as well whenever I have the mental capacity to do that lol