Feedback regarding forum's email notifications

I didn’t mark the new email (sent to me because I haven’t been back here in 3 days) as spam, and just unsubscribed from it, but I know a lot of people will, and pretty soon I will have to be rescuing everything from Wayfarer from the spam bin.

What does this mean? Are you annoyed by the forum sending you email? You are in control of that in your profile preferences.

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Take it as a prediction.

As I said, I didn’t mark it as spam myself, and I went and cleared the unannounced, and default on new option to spam members when they haven’t visited for 3 days with “stuff you missed” which included exactly zero that I was interested in.

But consider the 95% of forum users who visit the forum only occasionally to post about a single issue and don’t visit once their issue is resolved or they don’t expect to get a resolution. These users, who make up maybe 5% of the posts, will make up most of the input to spam-detection systems, and this sort of user is highly likely to mark this as spam. We don’t have many of these users yet because the forum is new, but just wait, a few months down the road, every major email provider will consider every email from wayfarer spam, including the acceptance or rejection messages wayfarers are looking for.

I hate to cast doubt on this grim prediction, but how will hypothetical people flagging emails from impact emails from

I don’t like receiving so many emails from the forums, so the first thing I did after joining the new forums was to adjust my settings to make sure I’m only getting the notifications that I’d like from here. I also changed my tracking setting, as I just want normal tracking, which is also in settings.

I feel that you may be making a mountain out of a mole hill, as this doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as you are making it to be. It’s also not that hard for users to add the forum email address to their address book and/or safe senders list to make sure they are getting the emails they want to receive. Also, marking the emails as “Not spam,” if an option, can help.

It’s not the forum’s responsibility to make sure their emails land in your inbox; that falls on your email provider to correctly deliver emails.

Spam detection systems don’t put as much weight on the from address as you think. Spammers use many addresses and impersonate other people’s addresses.

@devjoe I’ll be sure to convey your thoughts to the relevant team. In the meantime, feel free to tailor the options according to your preferences on your profile’s Preferences page.

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