Extra Reviews

My country doesn’t have a lot of submissions and I enjoy reviewing. If I change My alternative address will I be able to review more there? Also is that okay to do?
I am sure a lot of people also lack reviewers so wouldn’t mind helping

Yes, you can set your bonus location to a different country and you’ll get reviews from there too. I think quite a number of people do this in order to help locations out with reviewsor just to see what kinds of nominations are put forward in different cultures

I have my home location set to the south east of England, and my bonus set to the north of Scotland which is a different review area, and I see quite a number of reviews from Scotland which is nice since I do visit there a couple of times per year.

Is There then any countries in need of an extra reviewer or just the mayors?

I’m sure I saw someone from Morocco who needed a hand recently?

But I am sure there are quite a number of places - maybe someone will comment today with s suggestion

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If you need a big number of reviews then you can put your location in cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris, Rome, etc.

Hi @OhShrxxmzyy
Kind intention :hugs:
This is the post @frealafgb mentioned: