How can we get more reviewers in Morocco?

Hey guys,

We suffer from the lake of reviewers around here, what would you advice to get more submissions reviewed ?

If you could help thanks to the localisation bonus (which is unlimited now) it would be great (Morocco, Bouskoura)

Thank you !

I’m not sure how you get more local reviewers.

Just get together, create groups, keep pushing for more people to submit and review I guess.

Any specific part of Morocco?

I’d happily change to there after the challenge. What language are most of your submissions in Arabic? French?

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French and english mostly in Morocco (Casablanca, bouskoura)

Thank you !

No worries.
It probably won’t help much but I’ll give it a go :morocco:


The challenge is slowly grinding to a halt so done:)

Good :crossed_fingers:

Thanks youuu <3

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