Fake Nomination Review

Hi. I just Reviewed a fake nomination. I did report it, but I saw in the Surrounding area was also a Few other nominations that does not match Street View/ Satelite View or Anything. I am not close to this area and thus can not confirm or Deny it. Should I leave it or is there something I can/should do?

If you remember any details about it (what it was of, or roughly where it was) you can post about it and other people who also have reviewed it may be able to provide more info. Additionally the people here who have the tools to check wayspots may be able to find the other nominations you talked about nearby and investigate into those further.

Next time you can go to help > chat box orange icon. You can report stuff there. They ask for a print, location, name of wayspot. I do sometimes just report one but say there are more suspicious wayspots around and the team takes a look.