Fake Nomination, UK

This fake nomination is in Harlow, in the UK. I raise it here because a few weeks ago we had similar fake nominations a few miles away, so it may be related.

Stranger’s Footprints
Footprints of a Stranger

Street Address: 15 Mallows Grn, Harlow CM19 5SA, UK

Main photo

Supporting photo

You will note that the installation says “Falmouth”, but the claimed location is Harlow, about a six hour drive away.

Just some random pavement in Harlow… (see https://maps.app.goo.gl/qXBwynVZwv7hkXWX9)

I could find an exact match, but this is a memorial to a Falmouth police office named Andy Hocking, see https://twitter.com/johnjdanks/status/672757623003967488

This is a pretty egregious fake submission, reporting them as fake in Wayfarer does not always seem to stop it, so that’s why I am posting it here.

This is the thread I was referring to, Potentially Abusive nomination? — Wayfarer - it’s in the next town basically.

I had this one. Makes you laugh but what’s sadder is that these blatantly obvious ones get accepted.

Here we go again, whoever was creating fake nominations in Bishops Stortford is doing the same again. UK reviewers may recognise this pattern. Niantic did say that action had been taken but it didn’t stick, obviously…

Windhill Trail Marker
Street Address: 19 Monkswood Dr, Bishop’s Stortford CM23 4LH, UK

Main photo and supporting photo are the same and have obviously been copied from somewhere.

It’s quite a distinctive location because of the flare on satellite view…

StreetView of the location shows an obvious mismatch… https://maps.app.goo.gl/st8zpP6cr4XkQick6

Previous fake nominations have been along this road and on the residential roads to the southeast. At least one fake wayspot was deleted by Niantic.

It looks like the wayspot has been copied from one some way to the southeast… Ingress Intel Map


This has been going on for some months, Niantic can you implement more permanent sanctions on this submitter?

I instantly recognised the location from previously sigh.
This repeated behaviour to use legitimate wayspots from elsewhere at this location.

I see that the nomination in question has already been rejected by the community. I’ll have the submitter reviewed.


Cool, thank you.