Feature requests for Submission editing pre-approval


Our local Bay Area Resistance user group is having a discussion about Niantic taking away the ability to withdraw a portal submission (instead, now you can put a submission “on hold”).

This lead to two questions: first, why can’t a user withdraw a submission?

The second was a bit more complicated, and here’s where the feature request lays:

As an user, I would like to have the ability to edit any attribute of a Wayspot submission as long as the submission is in the approval queue. Any edits, however, will dismiss any current reviews on that Wayspot, effectively putting it back to the end of the queue. These edits would be made in a browser on the Wayfarer web page.

By manner of analogy, you can think of this as pushing a commit to a pull request, dismissing any reviews.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this requested feature.

Why can’t you withdraw it when you choose edit?


As a nominator, I have wanted to edit after In Voting. At least now that torture time is reduced - until recently, nominations (where I live) could be In Voting up to a year.

As a reviewer, I don’t like the idea that the nominator could just throw away my vote, meaning I wasted my time on it. I already don’t like that I won’t get credit if the nomination resolves before I hit Submit. How many reviews can I stand to mean nothing.