Flower Garden at a Church

So! I nominated this as a pokemon stop but it got rejected right away. I’m not sure why. It’s not on school property. It’s on church property.

a lovely garden at this beautiful church.

This is what I said for the bottom description

This garden serves as a sanctuary essential habitat for insects, birds, and other wildlife. Trainers visiting this garden will encounter a vibrant ecosystem filled with blooming flowers, finding tranquil spots for relaxed.

Here’s the main photo I used
I called it Church Garden Sanctuary
As you can see its a garden with a tree growing out of it plus there’s benches around it.

Here’s the 2nd photo I used.

Here’s street view

Here’s satellite view
You can see that it’s not on school property. and this is why I’m confused on why it got rejected.

If anyone can explain or help me better this as a pokemon stop that would be great.

Hi @Ilovepoopies7
I suggest that it could be your supporting photo. There ins’t the tree anymore (2. photo supported the 1. in a wider angle)

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so re try it again but with the wider photo. Thanks for the advice.

You said that the rejection came very fast, so I asume that it was the robot. I imagin, that the robot go the step: look in the support photo if you can find a recognizable object.

Also, you really should not use the word Trainers in your description. What about Agents who play Ingress or people who play Pikmin Bloom or Monster Hunter?


Is the church already a waypoint? If not, thats probably an auto-accept.

If not, do you know if the garden would show in Pokemon as well? If that is your goal-best to know in advance if it will or wont show in game to set expectations

Yes the church is already a pokemon stop along with 2 statues that are nearby.

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I would try to focus on both the flowers/tree and the bench for the main picture. At the moment youre more on the plants and the bench isnt very prominent. Play around with getting a really nice picture

Then I would actually take a picture at the same angle as the street view image as your supporting ie showing the church plus the garden