FR: Show appeal information on contribution and email notification

  • Description of the issue: Information added during an appeal process is lost to the contributor.

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced: 2024-06-04, 2024-06-07

  • Device type, model, and operating system: FF browser on Linux

I was just looking at a “Title edit” I had appealed and noticed that the text I added during the appeal (the why I think it should change bit) and noticed it is not shown anywhere. I then I checked the associated email notification (the one that has a subject that includes “Niantic Wayspot title edit appeal received”) and the text is not mentioned in there either.

As a result, I have no idea what I wrote.

It would be nice if that information was captured in at least one of those, but preferably, both, places.

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Obviously, it would be best if the system saved this information for us. But there is a plug-in that will do it for you. I have no idea if plug-ins work on Linux, though. :woman_shrugging:

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