Getting nominations for last country visited

So I live in Spain but a few days ago I was in Hungary for the Ingress anomaly. I am back in Spain now.

But now all the reviews I get are in Hungarian (I think). For example: "Kríž s nápisom INRI, vyobrazujúci ukrižovaného Ježiša Krista. Pod Ježišom je napís “ŽEHNAJ BOŽE ŤAŽKEJ PRÁCI ROĽNÍKA”

My Hometown is in Spain and my Bonus is in the UK.

Any ideas?

(Edit: spontaneously resolved shortly after posting.)

I think if you interact with something in Ingress now that you are back home, it should reset you but @tehstone understands this stuff better than I do.

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Well that’s weird.

I’ve been playing Ingress every day since I got back.

But after posting this it just fixed itself.

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

It’ll give you the place you’ve been in the past few days. Especially if that place has a backlog. Or if it doesn’t have enough reviewers - they don’t want one group to get enough power that they’could start making their own rules. And they’d rather have someone who has at least a brief general idea of the culture there.

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Coincidence. And, it is entirely possible that you had to finish reviewing the few things you had been assigned from there first :slight_smile:


The example you shared is from Czechia or Slovakia.

For the future, if you traveled but your Wayfarer location is not updating, play every game connected to your account for a bit (yes, even the ones that don’t have submissions too), do a few reviews and it should snap back.

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