Receiving nominations for review from over 6000 KM away

I reported this on the old forum. For several months I have been receive nominations from the UK for review, I live in Barbados which is over 6000 km away and well outside the stated range for which I should be receiving nominations for review.

I still receive local (Barbadian) reviews occasionally, but we don’t have many nominations and I have reviewed all of those available to me.

The showcase occasionally highlight a local or regional wayspot but usually defaults to the Cupid’s Span default.

I have not been to the UK in over a year, and I have traveled to other countries but I never received nominations from those other countries that I have travelled to.

I have submitted many nominations locally in the last year. I have logged in to Ingress and MHN now locally.

I am tired of recieve UK nominations and I am regularly running out of skips, and I do not wish to spend my time review UK nominations for which I have no local knowledge.

This is a relatively unknown effect that no one seems to be able to pin down an explanation for. It’s generally observed by people who move long distances or spend different parts of the year in different locations. For example I moved a long distance last year but still get a small number of reviews from where I used to live (which are not explained by upgrades or rural priority systems). There is no way whatsoever at this time to stop getting this type of reviews unfortunately. Chances are there are a relatively low number of things to review in Barbados and so you’re seeing a higher percentage from Britain than would usually be expected. If you can stand reviewing anywhere else, making sure you have your home and bonus location set will also reduce the amount you see from Britain.

@NianticThibs may be interested in this as another example of the issue.

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For clarity, I was only in the UK for 10 days or less.

Ah i assumed it was longer and along with the mention of Cupid Span showcase it pointed to the issue i mentioned. In that case, do you have an ingress account? if so, have you opened the app recently? doing so may help resolve the issue as well.

Yes, I do have an ingress account, that was suggested when I first reported this, I have periodically opened ingress and played it, but it has never made any difference.

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I had lived in the UK in the early 2000 for a few years, but I have been living in Barbados for many year before pokemon go launched.

Well, Wayfarer thinks your heart is in the UK. I guess you have no choice but to move!

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LOL, I doubt the UK immigration department would look kindly on that

Do you have accounts (including forgotten ones you don’t actively use) in other currently alive Niantic games other than the two you mentioned?

And do you have a bonus and/or home location, and if so do these work correctly?

No, no other Niantic accounts or games. I home my home location set to Barbados, it seems to work correctly, but not sure how I would distinguish between that and what I would see from nominations because it is the same as my play area. I don’t have a bonus location set.

Hi again,

Is there any players in your country that are actively submitting and revieweing? If there are any, why not asling them if they encounter the same review problem as yours? Considering that Barbados is not too large and surrounded by ocean if we’re talking about home location cell area…

No one else that I know is having this problem. But how does Barbdos’ cell area get me to the UK? There are plenty of areas closer that have reviews pending.