Review broken for anyone else?

When I try to review I can do a few then it breaks !

Would love it fix as I’m in marocco where there’s not so much :cry:

What happens when it breaks?

I’ve not had any issues - but if you can tell us what you’re experiencing, maybe we can help?

If you are from Morocco, there just aren’t many Wayfarers there. If you mean that you don’t get any more reviews after just a few. We were just discussing this issue of very few Wayfarers in another post: Upgrades still in voting after 1-2 months

You can get more to review by setting a bonus location somewhere else.

I do a couple of reviews and the screen goes blank, I refresh and still the same, I just wait a couple hours and it works again…

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Yup I’m in marocco.

Yeah it’s strange I’ve got 3 in limbo but 2 got approved in 24 hours?

Niantic really needs todo something about this playing outside of the first world is annoying, no campfire and not even pokemon home!

And now reviews is broken! Like wtf how to say your racist without saying it…

The ones approved in 24 hours were probably Niantic’s ML model - machine learning ai program. I bet your emails for those say “our team” and not “the community.”

I don’t know what makes the ML model chose what it will pick up and decide.

[I don’t think there is anything racist going on with this situation. It is just lack of explorers in the area.]

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You should be getting a message. Something like “Come back later” or “All done for now” - you don’t get a message?

I’d really like to hope it isn’t racist and purely money driven - they simply don’t have enough players there to make it worth them investing in…

What a wonderful, corporate world we live in…

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Nope nothing a blank page with the menu\logo on top

It’s kind of the same thing in the end.

We pay the same but get a LOT worse game and the exchange kills us!

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s so, so wrong. I don’t know the answer, but I’m open to helping if anyone does think of a way to help change things!

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Just open the reviews to the world, you know if we don’t have ponts we can’t level up to review so no new ponts so any new players get board

To give you an example I’m in essoreria Morocco an amazing walled city an UNESCO heritage site, but there’s only like 10 in the area when it should be full

can you try clearing your browser cache for the wayfarer website and then logging in again? is it truly a completely black screen and not one of the various errors or “you’ve reviewed everything there is for now” messages?

I’ll think about it but I’ve tried 2 different devices and this is what I get on both just the load screen no messages

ah the bouncing balloon? that’s probably also caused by an empty queue… for whatever reasons niantic has you won’t ever be able to review every single thing that’s still pending in your area and if you review past a certain point you’ll get this until new things become available to review.

Nope there’s lots to review I’m in marocco done people have been waiting 6 months!

If you live in one end of the country, try setting your Home location at the other end of the country.

Also, try a different Browser. Niantic loves Google products, so start with Chrome.

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