Why does it have us reviewing stuff far away?

I was under the impression setting your bonus and home location you’d get to review stuff around you and landmarks you actually know instead of an entirely different state. It’s so bizarre to Mr so I don’t even understand what to put for each location if I’ve never gone. All you can really do is eyeball it. Anyone else originally under the assumption that we’d be reviewing spots around our location picks? :thinking:

There’s different “pools” on which Niantic will grab reviews from

Your home and bonus location are just 2 of those pools. The other one is places you have played, your current location, and there’s also a random pool of whatever regardless of your location.

You get reviews from the area of your most recent play, plus your home area, plus your bonus area, plus Niantic’s choice (upgrades and slow queue areas).By “area”, I mean your S6 or S9 cell (my mine flips 6s & 9s), which is your Region in Ingress (can be seen on the scores page). It’s 20-30 miles square. You also get (to a lesser degree) the 8 Regions surrounding yours.

If you put your Home or Bonus too close to each other, or to the place you play - you are basically forfeiting those options. So you’ll get a bigger percent of Niantic’s choice.