Getting nominations instead of upgrades as challenge rewards or both

With the decrease in need for upgrades would it be possible for the rewards in challenges to add the option of extra nominations. What i mean by this is for every personal goal you reach in a challenge you get to pick between nominations or upgrades e.g for 500 reviews you could pick between 5 upgrades or 5 nominations.

A much simplier option could be getting both nominations and upgrades for the challenge rewards. E.g for 500 personal reviews you get 5 more nominations and 5 more upgrades.

If you already have the max nominations that you can use it could stack up so whenever your running low you could add those nominations on.


I don’t want to upgrade any of these. I have about another 30 In Voting/Queue too that I’d rather not upgrade.
Upgrades seem like a redundant, antiquated feature that worked for the system as it was three years ago.


Oh man, you’re such a talented photograph - I want to live in your pictures :heart_eyes:

It’s the area not me that make it look good :slight_smile:

Hi @NotASmurfTorb
I’m not interested in more nominations, or upgrades.
I would prefer ingame (for me pogo) coins or the chance to get one of the current raid bosses.

They’re definitely not going to give free coins away.

Why not? They through so many incubators, balls… out. That’s money too. For coins I can buy those things, but with coins I have the choice.

And I need a black hoody, my poor avatar freezes. (With coins …)

Because they’ll be losing a lot more money if they give out free coins. I wouldnt mind a free piece of clothing on pogo though

I don’t think so. They could cut it at perhaps 50 coins each day/month or so. Remember we can earn it each day in pogo

Maybe there would come more reviewers around :woman_shrugging:t2:

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