Upgrade and new pokestop

Hi, I don’t have the upgrade and I don’t know how to show my pokestop to the community, I don’t understand what the upgrade is for and how long it takes the community to accept my portal, can someone explain it to me? I wanted to add a new pokestop


Upgrades are given when you reach a certain amount of agreements while reviewing nominations. When an upgrade is applied to a nomination, it opens it up to a larger review area, so more reviewers are able to vote on it. It does not guarantee that your nomination will be approved. More information about upgrades can be found here:


but does it take a long time to get the upgrade?

It depends on how much you review, and how many other reviewers agree with you. There is no set timeframe for getting an upgrade since every reviewer goes at their own pace. However, the more you review, the faster your chances are to get an upgrade.

Again, upgrades just expand how many people can review your nomination; upgrades do not guarantee approval.

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so I should review all other people’s proposals right? Sorry for the ignorance

100 agreements when reviewing will give you an upgrade. Realistically it will probably take about 120 reviews to get the upgrade.

There is a setting on your Wayfarer page that lets you switch off your upgrade automatically being applied to one of your nominations. Set it to off so you can decide where to use the upgrade.


Applying an upgrade pushes it out to a wider set of reviewers geographically so you should be a wee bit careful if your nomination is something specific to your local area that others may not be familiar with.

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Your agreement rate is 4/5? Mine is much lower, but I just started last week, so maybe “realistically” many new reviewers will have to go through two hundred or more to get that many agreements. I wish there was more feedback so I’d know what I’m accepting/rejecting that more experienced folks are doing the opposite. Although… time seems to be a factor, too. My “total nominations reviewed” number didn’t change over the course of a day but my agreements rose, so I assume that tally changes as more decisions are finalized?

It’s usually at 65-75%

120 was just a thereabouts number without really thinking about it.
It does vary a lot at first. I think at about 500+ it started to balance out for me.

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