Global Reviewer Challenge - Race Around the World! - Discussion

Wayfarer. I’m having the same

The team are on the case.

Annoying though it is best option is to take a break.


Everything is fine!



While they are working on it you may see a reduction in edits coming through.
Hopefully more updates soon.

I’ve volunteered to exit the balloon.

One of the Americans first, there’s loads of them.

Huh, so now we’ve taken a detour to USA a little early

Welcome to America

Did they ran out of nominations from Japan?

Do they have diffrent standards for portals than we used to in europe? I seen absolute crap portals over and over in america. Never seen this in the EU or japan

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define “crap”

I don’t think so. My understanding is those are mostly rejections according to US people but something that many people accept.

I did get a really nice mural with a great picture after this so it balances out.

no idea if this worked the paste of that photo, but i would never agreed to this. generic bussiness. So how can i care if it is a good picture?


I have that problem so often. I play both and wish I had more nominations available :cry:
I have about 10 different nominations to submit, but holding off on those because there are always more interesting ones. I just keep the photos on my phone until then. I received my 2 nominations today, but need to wait a bit longer before I start submitting again.
It also takes forever for those to get approved. There is always talk about “once Xanthippe is in your area, watch out!”. Although yesterday it was more in a grumpy tone :rofl: People hate change. But when I remove or relocate I find new nominations too. So eventually it balances, just takes 6months+

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if i submit a new portal i do enough opr to get him to the top of the queue

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Most of my upgrades I end up appealing and getting it approved that way. Even a mural. Not all murals are graffiti. There is complete evidence that great street art eliminates taggers. It is supposedly an unwritten rule. Yet I have had several murals upgraded and then appealed. Also I think it takes a long time to get the agreements. I have gotten one upgrade already during this challenge. Excited about the quick turnaround on agreements. I am just really hesitant to use my upgrades on certain wayspots.

my goodness… this are not trailmarkers. this are pieces of cardboard on a tree!


This challenge is supposed to be for “EDITS” but we are getting only 10% of edits and the rest 90% are nominations.

Please bear with the team as they work on it

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No, this is the first global challenge to have edits along with Wayspot submissions.

It’s not solely going to be edits that are received; they are included, but regular Wayspot submissions are still a part of the challenge, like previous ones.