Has anyone else experienced mass nomination decisions recently?

Has anyone else had a ton of their Wayspot nominations accepted or rejected within a short period of time between yesterday and today? I ask because I just had over a dozen nominations decided on within the last several hours (only one of which was upgraded).

My only real guesses as to why this happened are either ML, the current wayfarer review challenge, and/or a technical error. I’ve never had this happen before, so I figured I’d ask if this was normal.

How do the emails look? Do they specify “our team”?

Where are you if you don’t mind saying?

Hey! The verbiage in the emails reference “the community” specifically. Here’s a copy/pasted version of the message from one of their acceptance emails:

“Congratulations, the community has decided to accept your Wayspot nomination. Please check out the full details in your Contribution Management page.”

And to clarify, I’ve had a mix of both accepted and rejected wayspots during this time. They were not all accepted ones (unfortunately).

Sure. I live in the general metro area of Greenville, South Carolina. Lots of parks and urban points of interest to be had here, especially since it’s been growing so much in the last several years.

Most likely the challenge then.

During the UK one I went from about 75 in voting/in queue to 0 in about 3 days

Wow. Yeah, I think I had like seven in voting and 15 in the queue as of a couple days ago. Now I only have like five left in the pipeline at all.

Now is the time to nominate stuff, I guess.

But hurry up. Next stop is germany at 20.05.

Get your submissions used up.

Maybe in terms of size the UK was a bit easier to clear out