Having trouble finding the status of my pokestop

I finally tried creating a pokestop a little over a month ago, pretty sure i went through all the steps on wayfarer I needed to submit the request. However where can I see the status of it? I have been looking on my wayfarer profile for where it would be but I can’t find anything about the status of the request of the pokestop that I created anywhere. I don’t want to try and do it again if there is already one in progress, but if there isn’t I would like to get the process started asap. Any help on this would be greatly appriciated. Thank you!

Click on the “Wayfarer” tab at the top here to get to your contributions page. If you don’t see it there, it didn’t enter the system.


All it shows there is if it is in queue, in voting, or has been decided. Not how long left to get a decision.

Oh thank you very much apparently I was looking in the wrong place, it says it wasn’t accepted but doesn’t say why, can I try and renominate it with a different description?

it should have rejection reasons on the full size nomination on the left above the photo. if it was rejected, you can either appeal or resubmit. but you should post it in Nomination Support to get feedback before you do so we can help

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Thank you very much!

It just says wayfarer crytiria🤷🏼‍♂️ I’ll post in section you said tho

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Okay I bet that the email (if you received one) said that “our team” decided instead of the “community”. “Wayfarer criteria” usually means that the Machine Learning model did not detect anything eligible in the nomination. A boulder is not normally a GREAT place for exercise, exploration, or being social and I can’t think of any way to get this accepted. Unless you have some links to news stories about this boulder being famous or something like that.

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Hey. Are you familiar with Wayfarer criteria? A boulder like this doesn’t meet any of the 3 tenets of the criteria.

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