Help to find reject problem, thanks

name: 台元景觀噴泉

Satellite imagery

This is a fountain installation that was not activated during the filming as it was a holiday. The location is in the Science industrial park(many companies inside), and no one is restricted from entering or exiting. Many people come here every morning and evening to exercise

Perhaps for confidentiality reasons, there is no Google Street View.

Reasons for rejection were private land and inaccurate location

There are already many wayspots in this area, but applications for new wayspots are still easily rejected because there are no street views to view.

How can I increase my chances of passing? Thanks

With those rejection reasons, we can’t give much advice without seeing the second photo you used.

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I can see inaccurate location being chosen if there is no Street View, but like our ambo noted, it would be helpful to see the supporting photo. BTW, here are the coordinates for this nomination (no Street View is available):

24.842216610719312, 121.0180270645028

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I didn’t need the supporting photo to find the wayspot from Sky view, seems to be a little bit missplaced. A good supporting should be enough to prove it exists there. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m failing just seeing the main photo but this is what I used to find it:


Good catch! I did see what looked like a fountain posted in the photos for the Richtek company on Google Maps and thought that could be it, but didn’t see this exact object. I guess reviewers didn’t notice it in satellite view like I did, so they rejected for inaccurate location.

For sure isn’t private property, since it’s an office building mainly, and the fountain is easily accessible to me.

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Thank all for your enthusiastic suggestions and letting me know where the problem is.

Because this object is at pedestrian arcade, it cannot be seen in the satellite image.

I would like to ask if I use this picture as the second picture, will it be helpful for review?

Please click on the link to view the entire image. The top part of the preview image has been cut off, and you can see that the object is on the pedestrian arcade.

The location is correct, thank you for your analysis. Such careful analysis has determined that my location is incorrect, which means there is really something wrong with the pictures I provided.
What’s more, there are a bunch of reviewers who won’t judge as carefully as you do.


I now know why, the second photo should try to capture a reference so that the examiner can determine if the position is correct and safe. The second photo I provided doesn’t do it justice.
Thank you

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You are right, the fountain in the picture has successfully applied to become a wayspot. The object I applied for is in the pedestrian arcade of the building opposite the fountain you provided. Especially since it is in a corner, it is more difficult to take pictures of reference objects for the reviewer to refer to.

I would try to take the photo from this coords 24.84228168794914, 121.01790639570386 . I would try to show the building at the left, the building at the right, the fountain, the structure for the cars and the two buildings at the back if possible. That should be enough to prove the location. Also, you can take the photo using GPS Camera, that shows the coords on the photo but care, just use this app to take the photo for the additional photo, never for the main one.

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Thanks for the reminder, I will try both methods. :sweat_smile: