Help with Appeal text

Hi again again.

Please help with appeal text. This nice looking stone picnic table is imo a slam dunk POI, but got rejected on K-12 and Private Residence.

Here is a google maps shot of area:

This is what i have so far:

  1. The table is located on a piece of public grass area next to a kinderkarten.
  2. Who has seen such a nice stone table in a kindergarden?
  3. The supplement picture shows the way to the public path, what kindergarden would not have a fence of some sort to prevent the children from leaving.
  4. In the supplement picture you can see the small private gardens of the residents living to the east, they all connect to this small piece of public grass area.

Please help me improve this so I don’t waste my upgrade.

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Initial thoughts. How does a single picnic table with two seats in a small grassy area meet any of the three eligibility criteria? Is your argument that it’s a great place to socialize, because explore and exercise don’t fit? That would be the argument to make; however, if it is on the grounds of a school, it is automatically ineligible.

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Thank you for your thoughts, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Imo it is a designated picnic area with a permanent table and seating hence it qualifies as such, take a look here: Picnic Areas

My argument is that yes it is a great place to socialize and in some degree also explore since it is kinda hidden away and you wouldn’t spot it immediately when walking by. Also, you could argue that one can exercise on the surrounding area.

It is not located on school grounds, only next to a kindergarten.

I wouldn’t focus on the explore at all, it’s a small grassy area. Anything that could support your claim that it’s a great place to socialize would help…do people have events there? Just because a place could be used to socialize doesn’t mean its a great place to socialize. More details to support that argument be best.

Gotcha, thanks :wink: