Hotels not acceptable

Why hotels are not acceptable?

Why hotels are not acceptable?

I would say a hotel can be a good place to explore or socialise. They aren’t easy places to get accepted though.

They can often also contain many eligible items that aren’t the hotel itself, ie statues, artwork, popular restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, and event spaces ie hosting shows.

You can keep trying the hotels themselves, making sure to give examples of why they meet criteria ie maybe they are unique architecture, an interesting theme of decoration, contributing to the local community etc? Or focus on some items inside the hotel that could be eligible instead

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As a business, a hotel is typically viewed as a generic business and isn’t really seen a great place to socialise, exercise or explore.

That being said, things at a hotel can be eligible, including the building itself if it’s noteworthy for its architecture, or for some other reason like being the site of an historic event.

We have several hotels in my town that are wayspots due to their architecture and/or history.


It probably varies due to the area and to the hotel. There are chains and independents, and in some communities, the hotel restaurant or bar may be a popular place to socialise

The hotel also might be the main event space in the area.

There’s a hotel near to me with a river front restaurant and cafe, and they host events such as bands and shows. So thats the kind of thing I think can be important to a community

I guess I think it depends on the area, the hotel in question, and the way the nomination ‘sells it’


csak azt nem értem amikor csinálok egy pokestop-ot akkor miért lehet bejelőlni, hogy hotel, motel ha utánna nem fogadják el?

If you mean the “what is it” categories, those aren’t about if something is ineligible or eligible, they’re literally just about saying what it is

There are a lot of categories on there for things that arent usually eligible


Moving this to nomination support

I typically don’t nominate the hotel itself, but the things inside the hotel.

Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Game room, Fitness centre, etc

I try and focus on the amenities that the hotel offers to its guests that promote socialization, or exercise. The places that people gather inside the hotel.

I travel a lot for my son’s sports team, and we often end up in the restaurant, or by the pool hanging out with the other parents lamenting our life choices and cursing our children for being good at sports… I mean, discussing how much we love seeing the world from hotel rooms and arenas. Sorry, got off topic there.

Hotels with history or unique architecture can also be eligible on their own, but getting typical hotels through can be very, very difficult.

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van ott a hotel alatt egy cukrászda / fagylaltozó meg egy pékség azokat vajon elfogadnák?

meg próbáltam én pár éttermet megcsinálni pokestopnak de mindig elutasították mint generic business csak nem értem miért?! meg fagylaltozót sem fogadtak el! mit csinálok rosszul, hogy ezek nem jók? mert ezek népszerű éttermek a városomban

I cant read the description text for all of them but for one that is written in English it looks like you have not really described the restaurant, you’ve used the space to tell the reviewers that it isnt a private residence. That information belongs in the supporting information box when submitting

When submitting a restaurant, its because its a good place to socialise, and possibly explore ie particularly good food. So you need to describe what is really great about the restaurant. That might be locally sourced ingredients, traditional food, a unique cuisine for the area, or something else.

In the supporting information you.can help reviewers find the nomination location, explain how to see that it isnt a private residence, and other information that is relevant to the review.

Hope that helps! I will find a screenshot of a restaurant I submitted and had accepted as an example


igen azért írtam akkor azt a leírást, hogy nem privát farm vagy épület mert egyfolytában azzal utasították el

Title: Thai Table
Description: Independent Thai restaurant preparing authentic dishes

Supporting information: great place to socialise with friends over food. Friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. Not part of a chain

I definitely could have gone more detailled here, but luckily this was accepted first time. There aren’t other Thai restaurants in this village, which likely helped.

Yeah, you can talk about that in supporting information, not the description - the description goes into the game so use it to describe what players will see

meg nem értem azt se, hogy mi az a generic business és miért azzal utasították el? ha beírom a webfordítóba, hogy generic business akkor azt írja, hogy márkátlan üzlet

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Generic here means “not special”, “part of a big chain, like Starbucks coffee”, “not interesting or unique”.

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köszönöm a segítségedet nagyon hálás vagyok érte :slight_smile:
meg lenne majd egy-két kérdésem ha nem gond :slight_smile:

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Of course! Happy to help

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hát nálunk csak ilyen éttermek vannak meg egy McDonalds de ugye azt nem fogadják el mert nem sponzora játéknak

és mondjuk fagylaltozót vagy pékséget miért nem fogadnak el?