How can i check if a location was already nominated?

I am new to the app and want to see if locations i want to nominate are already nominated. How can i do that

In pokemon go, when you get to the map screen of the nomination stage, there is a toggle to show other waypoints in the database that dont show in Go. Just make sure thats on, and you’re good.

I dont know about other games though

You also won’t be able to tell if its already nominated but still in queue or in voting via someone else

The PoGo toggle is the only way. You have to be right at the area for it to work, as it only works over a short distance. Ingress does not have any way to check for Wayspots that are not portals.

If by “the app” you mean the Wayfarer app you may have seen ambassadors post screenshots from, do NOT use that to submit anything you want to show up in game

You can download IITC to see the map of Ingress portals which covers the vast majority of Wayspots in the Lightship database.

There is also a Wayfarer app that you can use to view everything in the database. If you try to submit anything using it a kitten loses it’s life.


This may sound harsh, but it’s true!