How do I make comments when reviewing

Often a nomination would get a thumbs up on the ones in the list but yet doesn’t meet criteria but i don’t know where i can comment to say this. For example on one i am looking at now there is a person in the photo. One earlier was a generic bench, but where do i say this.

For the most part they left comment boxes off the new review flow and haven’t added them back although we asked for that. The one section that has a box you can type in is “Accuracy” and that is there whether you are voting “IDK” or " :-1:"

I use :-1: in “Distinct” for the generic benches. The photo rejections are in the “Accuracy” section.

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Thank you, that’s really helpful. So could I use this to say there is a person in the photo or it’s a generic bench even though it is actually accurate?

For the generic bench, I use the section that says “Not Distinct” - tehstone put it really well here:

For the person in the photo, under Accuracy, the top section is for photo issues, and you can choose “Face/Body Parts” and you can explain about the person in the photo in the comment box section.

Thank you, I understand now :slight_smile: Much appreciated, saves me skipping!