How do out of Date POIs get fixed?

There’s a pokestop in my area called “World Peace Tree” - in 2016 there might have been a labeled tree with a plaque on that spot, but there isn’t anymore and hasn’t been for several years. Today in that place there’s a fabulous piece of public artwork recognizing the neighborhood that would be an obvious POI candidate in every other way (I think). Ideally you’d just swap it to the thing that now stands in that place so people don’t lose routes, etc. but I submitted it as a correction and it was immediately rejected - maybe the only way is for it to be reported as an invalid pokestop, deleted, and then have the artwork replacement accepted in its place?

If I get assigned “scan the world peace tree” one more time I’m going to lose my mind.

Thanks for your advice on how to get it swapped to something current with as little disruption to players as possible.

Unfortunately, in cases where something has drastically changed, it may be easier to remove and replace instead of edit, affecting any routes or missions that might use the existing wayspot.

That said, you might try appealing the edit rejection via help chat.

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I agree that the recommended way forward is remove and replace. You could try the form at the top of this forum with your evidence for the removal, for example.

For a recent swap of exercise equipment in a local city park, I went the remove-the-old/submit-the-new route.

The removal went pretty quick, the new… well…