Is it possible to change a POI without getting it removed?

We have a POI that’s been active for 9yrs that I’d like to replace with another that is 30 steps away from the original.

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You cannot change a Wayspot into something else.

Niantic has said you can update murals that have been repainted, and simple name changes when it is clearly the same thing are usually accepted, but this looks like you want to change the “Community Center Park” to the “Monarch Pavilion Butterfly Garden” and those two are not the same thing.

I suggest submitting the new one on its own, then requesting a removal of the old one that’s gone. Then the new one should apear.

If they both exist - no you can’t switch which one is a portal, pokestop, or gym. That’s within the mechanics of each game. (I think Pikmin Bloom would bring presents from both.)

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I agree that I would submit the Monarch Pavilion Butterfly Garden anyway. That would make a nice Wayspot.

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How do i request a removal? These are the only options I see.

Thanks a lot. I’ve been trying to spruce is these really poor quality POIs, but at times there’s always a hiccup like this one. I’d submit it as a new POI if I knew it would shpw up in-game, which I know won’t happen because of how close it is to the much older one.

report invalid pokestop

or use one of the report forms at the top here

do you know about S2 cells?

I found the Wayspot on the Ingress map.

It looks like this is still a valid Wayspot from Street View. If that is the case, you should not report it for removal. If the butterfly garden is anywhere inside that box shape then it will not show up in pokemon go at this time.

If you just want to improve the look of the Community Center Park Wayspot, you can submit a new photo for that Wayspot from that same place you found in game where you do a removal report. It will either be approved right away by ML (ai) or go through community voting. Then you can put a thumb’s up on the photo to get it to be the main one. You may have to ask several other people to vote, too, if there are votes on the old photo.

Leaving the coordinates here in case I or someone else needs to find this again to help you spruce this up =) 26.243025,-80.184099


Vaguely, I’m not a true Wayfarer and my objective is to mainly make aesthetically pleasing POIs.

LOL, I dont even think 99% of players even know about the photo editing process. But I think you’re right. I’ll just havebto update the photo with a new one and the name while I’m at it.

That’s not a good idea at all. Repurposing Wayspots is considered abuse and may lead to sanctions on your accounts.

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as long as you aren’t trying to change the wayspot. just improve the approved one.

There is sort of a grey area here. A lot of existing Wayspots have mismatching image and title. So if you were to improve the title to match the picture it can be one thing. If you were to improve the image to match the title it could be another thing. Just sayin’ :sweat_smile:

“I just want to make nice Pokéstops.” Next thing you know: hardcore Wayfarer.


In reading a couple threads similar or related to this, I feel only more confused. Adding new photos that look nicer is considered “repurposing” and as such abuse? Why can this wayfarer not add an updated photo of the location or submit a more accurately worded title that is still accurately representing the poi?

@NianticAaron, your comment is vague. Can you please clarify: What exactly is repurposing and what is NOT? Why do edits exist if editing a waypoint is abuse? Adding a photo of the same poi that looks nicer or updating a title to be more clear or accurate to what the poi actually is seems like improving the waypoints. I get that submitting false information/photos would be abuse, or changing names or information to something that it is not or to somehow give advantages in games would be abuse. But why just submitting new, cleaner photos or more precise/accurate wording? I thought Niantic wanted quality in their waypoints, and sometimes editing poorly done waypoints seems like the way to achieve that.

There needs to be a general, clearly worded announcement easily accessible to all wayfarers if Niantic has these very precise, confusing rules. Not hidden in some forum chat where the average or casual wayfarer doesn’t even know the rule exists. It is hard to achieve the goal of quality waypoints if not everybody knows the rules or if the rules are vaguely and poorly stated.

I also have been wanting to spruce up some older waypoints in my area by submitting newer photos that more clearly show the poi or adjust the title because it was inaccurate or had mistakes. But is this is considered abuse?

It is hard enough trying to update an existing poi that. I have one that is an ecosystem infoboard about plants. The old sign stated “rare species” and that is the title. The new sign has information on the same plants with more detail and is called “maritime meadows”. It took me 3 attempts to get the new photo approved. The other signs were old and the “newer” ones actually placed a couple years ago. Of course the title was denied. Description was approved since it was empty. Then it is a process to get the title approved.

Just update the community park sign with a nicer one. You can still nominate the butterfly sign.

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Submitting a photo of the same object and updating the title as long as the object does not change is fine. Repurposing is changing the object connected to the Wayspot through changing the nomination details and that’s considered a violation.

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Thank you for the clarification.

Unless the object is a memorial bench. FYI. That is what started this and when I was told it was considered abuse.