How long do new Wayspot nominations stay "In Queue" before entering "In Voting"?

Hello all,

Is there a general timeframe for how long new Wayspot nominations stay “In Queue” before entering the “In Voting” part of the review process?

I ask because I recently submitted several nominations and many of them are already “In Voting”, which is great! However, this also confuses me because I have some nominations from back in December 2023 that are still “In Queue”.

I assumed that older nominations would naturally progress to the voting stage as nomination backlogs were cleared up, but I guess time of submission isn’t the only factor that matters given that my recent nominations are progressing before my old ones are.

If anyone has any insight on this, I would love to understand it better. Thanks!

I don’t fully understand it, but someone mentioned that if they are within the same cell it would only push one to “in voting” at a time. I assume this is the larger area such as the level 14 cells that would determine “gym placement” in pokemon go usually. I have some that are within the same L14 cell and they are going through slowly one at a time. So this might be the issue.
It happens when I am in an area and submit new nominations in that area it takes awhile, unless you upgrade. I also have some back to December. Just received a couple rejections too, so have to wait my time for appeals.

There is no simple answer :grinning:
The Wayfarer Team have not given a comprehensive answer about this.
The Community has observed that the experience of how long it takes for a submission to be resolved is highly variable and localised.
Let’s put aside the efforts of the Machine Learning Tool - fondly known as Emily- as that complicates things but does give extremely quick results.
A common observation is that those in more rural areas get prioritised by getting shown to a greater number reviewers. The contributions from busy urban areas tend to be very slow as they are not shown to that wider pool and they take longer to be reviewed.
The difference can be stark as it appears to be based on S2 cells. The cell where I live in an urban environment is very slow. However if I drive a short distance over the cell line submissions there resolve in a week or so.
Another factor that is probably why you have one still in queue is that there appears to be a system to control the flow of contributions into the voting pool where you can’t suddenly flood the pool from one area. So there may be some other contributions close to yours already in voting that are blocking yours moving forward. Once they resolve yours can move to in voting.

This disparity in wayfinder experience is one that Ambassadors have raised and would like to see improved.


On top of what the others have said, I have noticed a consistent pattern where a nomination in voting blocks it’s own level 17 cell aswell as the eight cells surrounding it. So if you make many nominations close to each other there is some merit to think about in what order you want to release things into the que. My guess is that this system is in place to minimize the risk of multiple instances of the same POI being voted on simultaneously, as to avoid duplicates getting through.