How many days does it take for a vote to be answered?

Guys , this is the voting stats for a 1 week, how many days can i get a answer?

You ask two questions, lol. Niantic won’t answer either.

People estimate that it can take over 50 votes to decide a nomination. It’s faster if everyone (or nearly everyone) rejects - maybe 10 downvotes out of the first 12 votes? One would assume that, say 20 upvotes with no downvotes would be an accept? ALTHOUGH, not everyone’s vote counts the same. People with the Poor rating don’t count at all to the decision. People with Great have more weight than those in Good or Fair.

As for how long: it depends whether AI resolves it in the first 24 hours (maybe up to 48) OR if it goes into community voting, or if it goes into Niantic voting. I see that yours are in community voting. So then it depends if you’re in a slow zone, plus whether votes are split on your proposal. If you’re in a big city, I’d expect a week or so.

Some nominations slip into limbo, and could take over a year. But I think (hope!) that is old news, and doesn’t happen now? Does anyone have an example of a nomination made more than 3 months ago, still unresolved? (I still have edits unresolved from April 2023, but my nominations have resolved.)


Thank you margarit, that was cleared. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We have no idea how many votes it takes to get a nomination decided in community voting. If the Machine Learning model picks up your nomination to review, you can have the answer in about 24 hours.

If it was a Niantic decision - ML or human - the email will say something about “our team”.

I live in a European capital and I have a submission in voting since January :slight_smile:

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I hope you got your nomination looked at. But some areas take longer. I live in a big urban city and it takes forever. It is most likely becausde we have few reviewers. Not many nominations popping up in my local area either. Another player has “in voting” still from nominations I remember reviewing months ago. I had a nomination from early December go into voting in late December. I decided to finally upgrade it about two weeks ago and received my approved email within hours.
Most of my nominations I get are from rural cities in the country (on the other side of the country) or from my bonus area.
I was nominating some recently that were reviewed by ML and approved and the other player contacted me because their nominations still show “in voting” from several months and now their wayspots will denied for being duplicates.

I also live in a major European city and I have two submissions from December that are still in voting. I’ve actually left them un-upgraded to see how long it takes to get through the voting process. I rarely see nominations from my city, usually I see smaller towns and even nominations from other countries (granted I haven’t done much voting recently due to life happening, so it may be better now lol). But the nominations I’ve made outside of the city in a small rural town were voted on and processed in roughly one month without upgrades. So long story short, it depends, and that rural priority can trip you up sometimes.

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