How many wayspots you think should be here?

Hi! I come here looking for your opinion on a situation I found while looking the map.

So I came across this place where some wayspots are located in a row like this.
( I submitted some changes correcting the maliciously misplaced wayspot in green and reported the 2 duplicates marked with red X)

The wayspots left in the place are these to the right, in 11 wayspots in total.

Here’s the STREET VIEW of the road that goes along this row of wayspots, I want you to look how spaced the structures are.
Correct me if I’m wrong but iirc playgrounds or gym stations should not be separated in different structures as individual wayspots, and to me this is what has been done in this place.
Using some plugins to see the distance between wayspots they’ don’t even meet the 20m rule of portal distancing as they are overlaping yet still showing at least on ingress.

To me this is abuse and malicious manipulation of the gameboard in order to get the most out of portals.

How many wayspots you think should be there? Which one would you consider duplicates?

In my opinion they should also be merged into one.

If objects are far enough apart they can be their own PoI. The playgrounds are separated by a large enough distance they are separate. Looks like maybe a few need to have their locations adjusted. This could be due to them being older nominations, in the early days placing a PoI was put your thumb on a screen and pray.

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To me this looks like likely intentional misplacement followed by edits to skirt the 20m restriction but without knowing the history it’s impossible to say.
Each looks independently eligible to me though.

well ok maybe the 2 that are just benches are iffy

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besides the edit abuse which was possible before the in game edit restriction, there was a period there soon after changing over to lightship as the main database where portals did not follow the 20m rule and i had several i had only expected to show up in pokemon go appear in ingress. so it is possible that these overlapping ones weren’t abuse. but you could go check each one individually in person and report any that should be removed. there is no removal option for “not meeting portal inclusion rules”

and technically there could be unlimited “wayspots” but you showed portals, so i assumed you meant those.

I have made necessary adjustments at the location. You should see changes reflected soon.


I meant wayspots, but is there any other way for me to visually show you where they are other than sharing the intel map? while writing this from a PC?

Maybe the Wayfarer App?
This is how it looks now

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What should we do in this case where they are resubmitting the removed wayspots? Should I report them again here?

And it was accepted, please take action.

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