How to appeal an appeal?

Sigh, my nomination was rejected and rejected on appeal, I really don’t know how to add evidence, what can be done about reviewers not checking information or doing the least bit of research before rejecting ?

The website provided in the appeal

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This is something that will happen from time to time. All you can do, other than to vent out the frustration, is to nominate it again. There is a category here called ‘Nomination Support’ where you can get advice on how to improve the odds of it getting approved next time.

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Rejection from my view is correct, the sign is something different than Via Romea itself.
This small sign is general business.

The sign is a trail marker to follow the trail, on the trail, by the trail, of the trail, to which I deliver correct supporting information that you are welcome to visit and read about.

And this is very much eligible and nót generic business.

Check the documentation on this forum:

I quote: “Although the sign looks mass produced and the trail is beside a street, it has a trail name, logo, and directions at a decision point.
Although these are mass produced, they are official and at a decision point. The object and its function are unique. The supporting photo and website of the route will help verify this rural location.”

Anyway, this is mainly to inform other people as well.

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Thanks, it was sorted in the mean time!

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I’d suggest adding the link to the trail in the supporting info, as well as that link to the forum clarification.

Thanks @Sekhmet2800bc for clarification, in our community is almost impossible to approve trail markers as the understanding is - mass produced, general business. I will try to educate local community.

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