How to ask to remove a fascist pokestop. This is not a joke

Hi, how can a pokestop be removed?
I play pokemongo and I reported a pokestop in-game.
The reason is because it is a fascist location/venue. Wayfarer reject my request.
So I wayfarer support fascism.

Please post your evidence, super curious.

Hi! I have moved this to Wayspot Appeals section. Please enter the format so someone from Niantic can recheck:

  • Wayspot Title:
  • Location (lat/lon):
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
  • Additional Information (if any):

And this is why we need an entry for submitting edit reports…

Thanks for the removal. @NianticAaron if you could please, ty!

I think these may be considered abuse, as they are offensive, so you may actually want to use the repot abuse form here:

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Oof yeah. For the future @Wigi85 , this is a good candidate for the abuse form linked above.

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Agree this has got to go

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let’s see if it works

So this building/ pokestop is that group’s headquaters?

Yes, that is the headquarters of MSI. Googling MSI Via Acca Laurentia will bring up photos and articles about the group and this specific location, which was also the site of the fascist rally in Rome a few months back.

the pokestop is still there for the moment. guess it will take some time

They have changed the name to just “Mural”. I’m not quite sure that’s the correct course of action for this.


I don’t think it is the correct response.


Any idea how to abtain the removal for good?

I agree that this is completely incorrect, I have escalated it. Let’s see if anything happens.

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We have retired the Wayspot in question.


Thank you very much!


@Wigi85 you will have to wait for the Pokémon GO sync, which should usually be around 8pm CET but can also be missed or delayed, but it will disappear eventually.