How to report duplicates pois (Wayfarer poi only)

We’ve found out that 2 pois were validated in Wayfarer (from IA?) but those are duplicates of pre-existing longstanding pois (both originals pois appear as portals in Ingress, do not appear in PoGO).

Is there anyway to report those new pois so they might be merged back into the original pre-existing poi?
I have both coordinates for each new and pre-existing wayspots. I’ve looked at the Wayfarer chat and there does not seem to be any category for this kind of reports. Should I post in
Wayspot Appeals


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No I am talking about the Wayfarer chat on the website.

Okay I don’t know if they can/will merge the photos. The option to report “criteria issues” is under “abuse” - idk why but that is how they did it. I would try that.

You could always take a new and better photo of the correct wayspot yourself. I am finding that ML is automatically approving them within a minute most of the time these days for me.

I think this is more than photos ? And is about a whole wayspot that has been wrongly created far enough away to mean a separate portal in ingress.
Since they appear in Ingress you should be able to report the wrong one in Ingress for removal. Unless they are large objects presumably one of them is at the wrong location.
If that doesn’t work you can post in appeals.