How/when waypoints are used in games?

I’ve been nominating and reviewing for a couple months now, and I’ve also recently started playing some more of the different Niantic games since starting my wayfaring journey because I wanted to see what the maps looked like in the other games and how the waypoints are used, etc. (I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for years, and have recently started Ingress, Peridot, and Pikmin Bloom.)

Recently, there have been many new waypoints that have been approved in my area (some were my nominations, some from other people), and they have shown up in both Ingress and Pokemon Go. But, I have yet to see anything new show up on the map for Pikmin Bloom or Peridot. I know each game has their own different set of inclusion rules and requirements for spacing and such of the waypoints. But do new waypoints ever get added to the Peridot and Pikmin game maps even when they do fit that particular game’s inclusion rules (as habitats and big flowers/mushrooms)? So far I’ve only seen new waypoints in just PoGo/Ingress. Has anyone else seen new waypoints appear in the other games?

Maybe it sounds like a weird question, I’m just curious if they actually pull new POIs from wayfarer for these games? Or if they only use what their maps started out as when the games were released or something. (I have gotten a couple of the “invisible” postcards in Pikmin, so I know they exist, but just aren’t usable in gameplay.)

Pikmin Bloom did have one sync a few months ago but besides Ingress & Pokémon GO, there’s no regular/daily sync for the other games.


As Wayfarer’s we nominate Wayspots to appear on the Lightship map, once Wayspots are on the map it’s unfortunately up to the game teams to determine which Wayspots they want to use for their gameboards and how.

Ingress and Pokémon GO have a fairly regular sync schedule, but much to the chagrin of the players of the other games Pikmin Bloom, Peridot, and Monster Hunter Now don’t seem to have any sort of schedule for updating their gameboards.


Yeah I knew about Lightship, I was just curious as to if the other games actually use it or update their maps. I appreciate your responses. :blush:


I just realized something. For a while now, I have been reading your handle as “Pimkin Trainer” not “Pokemon Trainer”.

I just thought you were crossing your streams. :->


Shh, don’t go revealing his secret identity :joy:


Just to add a note about Pikmin - there was only one sync, yes, and i pray to blooming gods every day that i will live to see another. But that’s a “big” sync that spawns big flowers and mushrooms. Apparently there is a very regular (daily?) sync in Pikmin for new accepted POIs, they don’t show on the map, but you can get postcards from them by planting in the area or using detector, then picking up whatever items spawn in vacinity of this invisible new spot. I got a few fun postcards like this from things that got accepted but are still waiting for the “big” sync. It’s a bummer the flower/shroom sync doesn’t happen more frequently, but we get what we get.


Don’t worry. It’s even worse when I have to say I’m a Pokémon Trainer at the start of a podcast about Ingress that I do every week. :rofl: