Spots only for Pokemon Go

Hi, I frequently create pokestops, they are accepted, but don’t appear in Pokémon Go, it says that they are in another game, Is there a way to only make pokestops for Pokémon and no others Niantic games??

Google “S2 cells and Pokemon Go” and learn the rules for Wayspots to show up there.


You are not submitting a Pokestop/gym, but rather a Wayspot, and each Niantic game chooses which Wayspots are in their games. If there are any other Wayspots nearby already, it’s likely that the S2 cell may be full, and the Wayspot will not be added to PoGo. It’s possible that it may be added to other Niantic games, as they had different rules, such as Ingress having a 20 meter rule.


I’d love to learn more about this rule, I’m not familiar with it.

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I don’t play Ingress, but it’s either 10 or 20 meters. Someone else may know better.

No that’s not really possible as Pikman Bloom picks up (all?) most wayspot accepted into the Lightship database to send out as postcards.

For added clarification you are actually nominating for the Lightship database and not any one specific game. Once accepted into the database each Niantic game uses density or proximity rules for inclusion.

To be included in Ingress a Portal will not show up if it’s within 20 meters of a portal already on the map.

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And yes, I have nominated Wayspots that have been accepted and don’t appear in PoGo, but I glad to add to other Niantic games and help grow the Lightship map.


I have also added wayspots into Pokemon Go knowing that they will not be in ingress. I play both but focus mostly on Ingress, while only playing Pokemon when out with my kids.
Plus you never know when a wayspot will be removed and suddenly your waypoint will pop up. Places close down, murals are painted over, buildings demolished with statues etc. Changes happen and it is great when you have other back-ups.


Hello @andressgtp
Try to turn round your thinking on this.
It’s not that these way spots have been taken by these other games and therefore denied to Pokémon go.
Instead it’s that Pokemon Go have created spacing rules and the game is excluding these other wayspots.
Probably most wayspots occur in multiple games.
As wayfinders we can only add more wayspots and hopefully if we understand the rules (which are not officially acknowledged) we will know whether what we are submitting will appear in a game or not. Knowing that at tge point of submission avoids frustration later.