How would you review these disparate photos?

While reviewing, I saw a Photo Edit for a Little Free Library where a park bordered on a roadway. I didn’t save any screenshots, so will need to describe what I remember.

Perhaps five photos were of a hand-painted LFL with a peaked roof. Some night-time, mostly day-time, from various angles. (One image was sideways.)

Three images were of a different LFL entirely. It had a flat roof, different construction, colors, etc.

Streetview didn’t show either LFL, and none of the pictures hinted that more than one LFL was in the area.

Normally a photo edit review allows one to reject something that is not as described, but ‘Southfork Park LFL’ could describe either the hand-painted or the flat-roofed LFL. I just couldn’t know which one was actually there.

Should I assume both were correct at different times, and only reject the sideways photo? Reject any that I couldn’t match up with background or forground from Streetview?

Wait for it to timeout?


What would you do, and why?

There are a lot of if’s in my answer to that. I would definitely use Google Lens to search for the photos to see if any are third party.

If I could match up any of the photos to a reasonable degree to the surroundings, I would accept those, even of the two different LFL’s. An LFL had been approved as the Wayspot, so I don’t think changing what the LFL looks like would change what the Wayspot is for.

And then if I just didn’t feel good about the whole thing, I would use a skip or a timeout.


Maybe it was actually 2 LFLs submitted and they were put as a duplicate so both images end up together on 1 waypoint?

Many LFLs made of wood, and made by those wanting to add a LFL to their community, are not made of the best material, and, at times, erode from the elements. It’s possible that this one was replaced at some point, which is why there are photos of different LFLs.

I’d say, if you can match up the backgrounds, this may be what has happened, but can’t say for sure. I think it would be a good thing for Google Maps to be on the review screen for photo reviews, as then we can check to see if there is any Street View, and if there was a change in the LFL over time. It would also be nice to know the location, as you can look up the location with the official LFL website to see if it;s listed with them (not all LFLs are listed with them, but it’s helpful). Even when I get a new nomination for a LFL, I like to check the official map.

Oh, and the official website even offers info on how to build your own LFL, how to install them, some mistakes, etc.