Hypothetical: Rotating Murals

Let’s say a business has a wall, where a big mural is painted on exterior.
However, the building is owned by an artist that paints over the mural regularly.
Lets say 4-6 months.

Would you deny it as a stop, as temporary.
Approve it as mural with maybe a description that the mural changes
Would you edit pictures?

The wall itself is always painted, so in that sense not temporary
But the specific picture, is temporary.

Anyway, thoughts?

To the nominator, I would suggest naming it after its location, like “Mural on 32nd Street” or “Auto Shop Mural”. Or after whoever sponsors it (and its future iterations), like “City of Townville Rotating Mural”, or maybe the artist’s name if it’s always the same person.

As a reviewer, I’d not know about the changing, and would approve - especially if the supporting shows it’s on the building or wall where it’s pinned.

As a local who plays that location, I’d submit edits to make it more accurate. I’d very much enjoy the carousel scrapbook of what’s been there before.


I wouldn’t view it as temporary- since there is always art at the location.

If the art changes, then I think it makes it a great spot to keep returning to, ie encourages exploration even more than a mural that never changes.

I think its a brilliant idea for a waypoint.

Given the whole arguement about edits and repurposing, I don’t know if Id be brave enough to submit edits anymore, but it would certainly be cool if every image was captured over time, if that didnt mean anyone getting banned :sweat_smile:

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I actually submitted something like this. A flower and gift shop has a mural featuring gnomes and has it repainted seasonally. But is a permanent display that is regularly updated that they feature on their Facebook page.


I pass by a few different areas that have murals, street art that regularly change and have added a couple of them as Wayspots

When one of them was being painted over I stopped to ask the artist about what they were doing, the name of their work etc. I also asked them how they feel about their work being painted over and they said they were fine about it and it can be an important part of the transitory nature of street art.

If it meets the criteria when I submit/review that’s fine by me. I’m not going to apply that amount of diligence to Wayfarer when Niantic themselves are pretty desultory about their own system.

My experience of attempting to change a murals photo/title/description is that it’s more hassle than it’s worth.
My opinion of what should be done to update the map is antithetical to what Niantic want so they can take a run and jump and change it themselves if they care that much*

  • They don’t.
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