Permanence of Paintings in Frames vs. Murals

I’ve been noticing that I’m getting a number of nominations to review that look like pictures in frames. When I see a picture in a frame, as opposed to a mural, which I understand is defined as something painted or applied to a permanent wall, I don’t feel it’s permanent. The property owner could move it on the slightest whim, even if it’s a pretty big image. So generally I reject if I can see a frame, especially if it is located inside a building. But I have seen these accepted. What do people think it’s best to do regarding this?


This is where “use your best judgement” comes in. There is no single answer.

I look for any indication that it is more than just a mass produced decoration. It helps if there is an artist’s signature, and even more if there is a plaque. And even more if there is a link in the supporting statement proving the background of the piece.


Thanks, yes, definitely things to consider. My issue is not whether something is mass produced though, but rather if any piece just hung on a wall, or even attached by a couple of screws, can be considered permanent the way a mural or a large sculpture is. I think I’ll change the thread title so it seems less general

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Hi! I’m curious, could you please share some examples of what you are talking about?


I find it more funny to call everything “murals.”
Ingres players found a way.

I like graffiti so for me it is ok, but by bending the rules just to get a portal the reality is distorted.

Considering that everything is going to the world prepared by niantic for AR I consider it a problem.


Thanks for your interest. Next time I see one when reviewing I’ll screenshot it. I realize I may not be being clear, but I’ve seen a number of nominations that look to me like framed art hanging on a wall rather than a mural painted on a wall, and the former I can’t reconcile with permanence.

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Thanks for your interest, and I certainly think it’s interesting to talk about murals vs. graffiti, and part of that debate is about permanence, too. The only part if you ask me! But I’d rather keep this thread about framed art vs. murals.

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I’m really not sure, why you think they are less permanent. Nothing is truly permanent. Business’s close. Murals get painted over. I tend to simply give the benefit of the doubt to the submitter that they have seen the picture in that location for long enough to imply permanance. The rejection is “Highly unlikely” to be permanent.

And if it does go, that’s what edits/removals are for.


in settings where framed art is hung in places that lots of people will pass through it’s pretty common to use a special type of locking mount that makes it non-trivial to remove both for the safety of those in the space and to prevent it being taken. this type of security hardware is a lot more frequent than you realize but it’s almost impossible to tell even if you look from the side.

chances are, the nominator won’t know either so it’s unlikely to ever be mentioned in the supporting text.

personally if the artwork does not appear to be part of a rotating installation and/or fits with the theme of the establishment or has some other connection to where it’s located I tend to approve these. it’s fairly common for such artwork to hang on the same wall for years


Thanks for your input, not least for the goosebumps I get when contemplating the tiny speck of our existence in the immensity of space-time! TBH, I’m looking for excuses to approve, not reject, but I want to know what the standards are here because it’s clear to me that a painting hanging on a wall is less permanent than the wall.

Thanks. Totally, I have a friend who works at an art museum and does this. Maybe that makes think they’re easier to move because he does it all the time! My inclination is to go with the nominator, I just didn’t want to get caught up in a trend that’s gonna suddenly fall apart.


I now have one in review. One of the nearby spots is already added to the map.

Looks like this:

Yeah, then is a UYBJ for me. This one looks to be permanent so if is not in a SFPRP or K12 I would probably accepted. Thank you for sharing this nom with me!

SFPRP (single family private residental property) I know, but what is UYBJ?

This one was the accepted nearby spot.
My review I’ve rejected. It hang half an arm under an empore/balcony/that middle thing with a roof and looks easy to change.

UYBJ = Use Your Best Judgement ^^

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LOLed at your abbreviations (pun intended)! And I want to say I laughed because after all the stuff I have to go through to do this I have know these abbreviations, too!!! NOT because one of them ends in “BJ”, which is an oversight on someone’s part. Now I’ma look for the glossary of abbreviations that in-the-know reviewers know… I bet it ain’t here though!

Awesome! This one looks to me like it’s tiles attached to wall rather than a print or painting. I’d totally accept, and if that was emphasised in the supporting info it would be even easier to accept. This one does look like the frame is attached to the wall, not just hung there, but not all nominations show this.

OK, got it all from Wayspotter’s Podcast…