I can't even begin to understand

Cul-de-sac Basketball Hoop

Located next to a pedestrian walkway with access to a local park, this cul-de-sac Basketball hoop is in a safe spot to play.


This is not a permanently installed hoop. It is not eligible.

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Hello @nexushoratio
I am a little unclear what the purpose of this post is?
This forum tries to avoid posts that are just about other peoples low quality nominations.


oh i assumed they were asking why it was rejected. didn’t even realize i had assumed.

Actually it may be me making wrong assumptions :joy:

I think you need to be a bit more specific with your question, what is the aim of your post?

This Wayfarer has been around a while.

I made some assumptions, too, but I noticed that I was doing so.

I think they found this in their Showcase, and were dismayed, because it shows that reviewers can be very sketchy about permanence, roadways and PRP issues.

It is not about a nomination.

It is about a live wayspot.

I did actually look for a :person_facepalming: kind of topic to post this message of disbelief. General Discussion felt like the best place.

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No question. Just expressing disbelief.

Not even Showcase. I ran across it while playing Ingress last night.

But, yes, dismay is one of the emotions I felt.

You did ask a question. I did not understand that it was rhetorical. You can track this down and report it for removal. idk how that will go.

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Ahh, oops.

I plan on reporting it, I just don’t know what option to use.

  • There is pedestrian access (though the description is incorrect).
  • Does not interfere with emergency services.
  • Is not private residential
  • Is not a school
  • It is still there
  • It is not a duplicate

I wish there was a “Should never have been accepted” option. Or at least an “Other”.

I was sorely tempted to move it, take a picture, then put it back. But didn’t want to annoy anyone who lives there (plus, running late for dinner).

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I doubt it will be removed at this point.