I can't withdraw my proposed wayspot. (申請したwayspot候補の撤回ができない)

I tried to withdraw a pending application because I made a mistake in the location, but the message “Cannot withdraw” appears as shown in the image. Is this a bug? When I checked the image again, I noticed that the hold icon had disappeared even though more than 24 hours had passed since the application.

スクリーンショット 2024-06-27 11.05.37

スクリーンショット 2024-06-27 11.15.11

I am not familiar with which error E4 is. I know that you cannot withdraw a nomination you have marked to “Upgrade Next” but I think that one is E5, or one that has already gone into voting but I don’t think that gives an error. I think you just can’t get to the “Withdraw” button.

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Automatic use for next upgrade is off. I don’t know why.

can you refresh the page and try again?

and after doing that, share a screenshot showing the current state of the nomination?

and then a screenshot showing your available upgrade count

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I’ve reloaded and logged out repeatedly. I haven’t used any upgrades.
The number of upgrades is this. It hasn’t decreased from here.
The second photo on the thread top shows the current status of the candidate.
スクリーンショット 2024-06-27 11.27.41

that image doesn’t show a nomination’s status. I am referring to these tags:

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can you show this view that shows the status?

(oh @tehstone troubleshoots for me all the time - leaving it to him)

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Is this it?

It remains in waiting mode.
Normally the “held” item would appear, but it has disappeared.

Google translates as “standby” which I assume is “in queue” for us. hmm this is odd. do you know if it was previously in niantic review status?

I guess there isn’t much time for that though

Why did this happen? I don’t really know. I posted this on the forum hoping someone with more knowledge might know.

Could it be that the ML learning function (Emily) is malfunctioning?
@NianticAtlas @NianticAaron @NianticThibs

The ML learning function appears to have been activated at 17:54 Japan time, and it has been approved. Since this kind of thing happens sometimes, I will leave this thread as it is. @NianticAtlas @NianticAaron @NianticThibs We apologize for the inconvenience, but the problem has been resolved.
@tehstone @cyndiepooh Thank you for your advice.
If anything else comes up, I will post a thread on this forum.

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The timeline suggests that ML had already decided on the nomination when you tried to withdraw it (assuming that you tried to withdraw when you posted). This is why you were not able to withdraw the nomination.

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I see! I understand! Thank you for your kind explanation!!

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