Reason for Rejection

I Dont understand the reason that People rejected it. It only says wayfarer Criteria. What does that mean. Still new to this. I see this as a Potential Wayspot

That is probably a rejection by the AI which says “our team has decided”. I believe that is the only route to a “wayfarer criteria” rejection too.

Was it quite a fast decision?

If it was rejected by normal reviewers it would say “the community has decided”

Do you want to post the nomination for advice? Wayfarer criteria means the bot didnt think the nomination met any of the 3 critieria - a good place to either exercise, socialise or explore

Any help or tips would be appreaciated

Another question is a Local College a good nomination?

I don’t think this meets any of the criteria to be a great place to: be social, exercise, or explore.

Many restaurants get through due to their socialization aspect but this is for Take Away, so you would not socialize at this location. Convenience stores don’t really offer up anything worth exploring, as they provide regular, basic items that people use.


A local college (serving people 18+) can be a great POI under the explore criteria since education is a great way to explore the mind and the world.

A college can be a good nomination, yes, if it is catering for adults ie over 18s.

It may also have some items on the campus that are eligible, for example cafes, plaques, statues, parks, libraries etc. I would have a good look around for options (assuming you have access to the campus).

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This one is probably a grey area.

It looks like just a standard shop, but in your write up you mention its a family run business. I think it would need something more to get past reviewers and be accepted. Currently I dont think it would get accepted and would be rejected as “generic business”

I think you would need some more evidence about how important the place is to your community. For example maybe they employ people who need help in some way, maybe they donate food to a shelter, maybe they have won an award for their food or other work? Do people socialise there, or just buy food and leave? If it is the former,mention that in your nomination

I think a great takeaway that people would travel for can sometimes get accepted but yes, usually they are not good nominations

A couple of my friends have had success with some locally run takeaways recently, but most just arent going to be convincing enough to reviewers about meeting any criteria

Unfortunately the rejection reasons tend to be quite unhelpful, there is hope that these will be improved in the future but currently it’s often hard to tell quite why something has been rejected.

This looks it has been possibly rejected by the ML system so hasn’t been seen by actual reviewers. It does look quite like a standard generic store and your supporting information doesn’t really provide any evidence that what you have claimed is accurate. You might have to put a bit more effort in to convince reviewers if you genuinely think it meets one of the criteria.

Yes people travel to there for the food. It is Close to the university and colleges. Also close to the Clubs and bars. We always go there for food at the evenings afterwards or after classes at uni. My grandfather told me about the place when I came to study and thats how I found out. On weekends they even put tables outside but I can’t take a foto cause on weekends its packed and people may not be in the foto according to criteria.

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I understand there is not evidence on the post but what can I add. There is a newspaper article about 10 years back about the place but I am not allowed to post links If im not mistaken? What can I add to support my claim

You can absolutely place links in the supporting info. That is exactly what you need to do to prove how important this is to your community.

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Then I probable misread somewhere. Am I able to resubmit the same place then even if it was rejected?

That makes it sound like a lot better of a nomination than it looked from the original try!

I would try to get a picture with the tables out, maybe just before opening, and mention that it operates as part restaurant when you submit it.

Focus on it being a good place to socialise, with food people travel for, and also the other things you told me. I would not try to present it as a shop but as a cafe/restaurant with seating that also has a shop, if that makes sense?

You can put links in the supporting info,just not in the title or description

Yes you can try again.


Yes absolutely, provide links, as much as you can to help reviewers. I always make sure I answer any potential questions as best I can, clarify things that might not be clear and usually add at least one or two links to prove my claims when I can.

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One Last Question. As seen per the map photo we have a public park id like to register. there are no swings or seats. Just a place students chill. It is also used for events Yearly and clubs practice sports there sometime. Will that be a good nomination and do I add links and fotos of the grass and trees?
What should the main foto be for the disk

There may be a sign to represent the park for the photo, do talk about the park rather than the sign if you go with this.